Oh yes oh yes, Igloofest does it once again!

Although the event was completely sold out, they made sure of one important factor, for us to have enough space to enjoy & dance to the magic of the one and only Carl Cox. Regarding the music… Holy beats! His set was flawless and made us all forget about the cold in an instant. From the driving tech grooves to the hypnotic techno, the legend had us in a trance until the end. He varied from style to style keeping the energy extremely high throughout the whole night. Complimenting his music; aided by the two new screens in the back of the illuminating main stage, our local VJ MA’, took us on a wonderful & colorful journey through shapes and patterns. What a trip. I was only able to catch the end of Kris Tin‘s set when I arrived to the magical grounds of Igloofest but from what I heard, she had an incredible performance! Having the chance to experience such an amazing party under the stars surrounded by the people we love in the middle of Montreal’s white winter is a true blessing. Speaking of weather conditions, the rain from the previous days had formed a nice cover of mesmerizing thick ice, that provided the grounds with a  perfect surface for all dancers to bust out their moves through the depth of Mr. Cox’ sounds.  Shout out to the Igloofest team for hosting such an amazing party!

– Article by Monika