If you have never heard of Birth of Frequency, it’s probably because you haven’t been to a rave in France in the last few years. The renowned French crew Unforeseen Alliance, composed of Zadig, Antigone, Voiski and BoF
(Birth Of Frequecy) himself, have been playing incredible live shows at all their gigs. Using tons of machines to a perfection, they create a very special journey for their public. Indeed, their hypnotic sounds take complete possession of the crowd.

Inspired by the legendary Jeff Mills, BoF performes scientific and complex techno & has made appearances on famous labels like Pole Group. Being part of a new generation of techno which is in fact becoming more and more influential in Europe, Playing in clubs such as CONCRETE in Paris and huge festivals like Weather Festival is becoming a true routine for this young prodigy. Now his passion for industrial techno will be heard in our city thanks to our good friends OCTOV. The Montreal based collective has been organizing unique techno raves for the past two years now. Completely immersing the crowd into a special vibe at their every party, we look forward to witness this all night long rave produced by OCTOV. Friday the 18th of November will be Birth Of Frequency’s first time in Montreal & in fact his Canadian debut so let’s show what our city is all about.
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Article by Doru