For the past 2 years, a very special vibe came together in a unique party that took place at an abandoned boathouse. This was the type of event that kept spurring up in random conversations between party goers and “scene’sters” for the rest of the year. Sadly, the location became out of reach for the organizers and memories about it had to be stored away until a new location is discovered. With some luck and patience, we finally hit the jackpot and stumbled upon an abandoned textile factory. Not only was it perfect for the continuation of the abandoned series but, it is located right in the heart of Montreal.

Like all great underground events, the location will be kept secret until the day of; October 14th. A map will be shared along with some very important party instructions designed to help keep this party going all night.

Jimmy Be // Or Room // Shades Of Blk //  Adam Husa //  Johnny Messina // Head Nodders // Van Did // Hicky & Kalo // MEHDI //  Arkid-M // John Palms //
Rico Pambianchi //  Deep Fried. // VJ: Bun Bun

8day, Front Rite, The Ants, Studio On The Rock, NBNFOCTOV, Whono’s, Onderground,

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