The cat is out of the bag. Stereo Montreal has done it again. With an explosive booking for Halloween weekend, it is not a doubt in the world that the place to be is right beneath that giant disco ball. Master of his craft and creator of ENTER●, Plastikman and CNTRL: Beyond EDM, Richie Hawtin is back in Montreal after a strongly anticipated return. What a perfect occasion to welcome him in our (((TEMPLE))) as all the dancing creatures and trippy decoration will create the most unforgettable night & haunting vibe.

With an English background and a strong Canadian pride (as he should 😉 ), the artist has an utmost passion for techno. Over the years, Richie Hawtin has relentlessly proved himself to be a true innovator and creative genius in the electronic music scene. Richie has accomplished so much from such a young age. Being an influential part in Detroit’s second wave in the early 90’s, his energy remains as he travels the world to share everything he’s ever known with all his fans and fellow music connoisseurs.

And now he’s back. In the best sound system in the city. Also on the roster, we have no other than Montreal’s very own Mateo Murphy & Mike Laz. We honestly do not know what is left to say, this event not only sells itself but will inspire and change every single person/creature in that room. Friday October 28th is the date to mark down, we hope to see you all there!

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