The Digital Temple Production team are best known to have wild parties where the main question after any of their nights is: “Where is the afterparty?”. They never cease to impress with their quality booking and great energy which makes us not want to keep the night going. With a heavy background of bringing down some of the top techno acts in Montreal such as Kevin Saunderson, Rodriguez Jr, Soul Button, Dahu, NU, Hunter/Game; Digital Temple will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary with no other than Edu Imbernon at Newspeak tonight.

Edu Imbernon has been releasing quality material for a quite a while now. We were particularly impressed with his recent release on Suara. This collaboration with Los Surubas, named “Shadows of Rigadon” has heavy hypnotizing & driving melodies & we can just imagine how that would sound in a club system…  (We posted a link below for you to take a look! )

Last time Edu came to Montreal was for AIM Festival, & he left people mesmerized with his incredible performance. He’s also been dropping some heavy sets at festivals like BPM, Tomorrowland & Coachella.  We are looking forward to hear what he’s got in store for us this time!
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Here is his set from BPM Festival:

We also have been told by the Digital Temple team that they are working on many projects for 2016.. they can’t wait top share with us! Keep in touch with them here

See you tonight!