What happens when the 8 legs of Montreal’s Techno Scene join together to throw a massive party inside a pool?

 Aphotika happens…

From what used to be a public pool to what is now a concert venue, Bain Mathieu brings a completely different vibe to the underground house & techno scene. Montreal collectives all got together to throw an amazing party in this venue. With a aquatic themed environment mimicking what one might see at the Bottom of the Ocean, this was the perfect location.

 Here is what the venue looked like in the 50s:

Bain Mathieu 1957

Aboard the Swiss-designed, Italian-built deep-diving bathyscaphe, equipped with crystalline KV2 Audio, 4 pairs of artists will venture to the bottom of the ocean to deliver an utmost dark and deep sonic experience. The deep sea themed party begins tonight at 9:00PM & includes two rooms.

The Abyssal Plain (Room 1) located on the top floor & inside of what used to be the pool & The Hadal Zone (Room2), located in the basement where there used to be the shower rooms.

Also, the party is sponsored by Jägermeister & Guru.. & did we mention there will be merchandise giveaway on site from all the teams!?

“Everything just came together thematically, the artists, the partners, the rooms! And with a second room under the POOL, the deeper you go, the deeper it gets..”

– Anthony D’Urbano  (Founder of Front Rite)

Here is the musical lineup for this event:

The Abyssal Plain [Room 1]:
Spektre (UK) b2b Irregular Synth (Italy)
Mike Larry (Darkroom) b2b Atroxx (Darkroom)

The Hadal Zone [Room 2]:
Adam Husa (Husa Sounds) b2b JIMMY BE (frequencies)
Nic Falardeau (Front Rite) b2b Younes K (Digital Temple)


More info here  & Tickets here