Wouldn’t it be nice to finally get in your car after a long day of work and be smacked in the senses with the utmost immersive sound system yet?  Peugeot has emerged with a revolutionary design building the world’s first music & sound based car that’ll be sure to give anyone a captivating & sharp experience. Just to imagine how listening to flawlessly produced music sounds and feels like while being in a futuristically designed vehicle.  Also, to top it off, Amon Tobin; international electronic music producer and sound design artist designed the soundtrack generating from the car.  You see, electric cars are so silent, they need sound to allow pedestrians and cyclists be alerted when the vehicle is nearby. So they dropped the generic car sounds this time…

Here are some of the features on this new innovative product

  • The car consist of a 13 speaker 9.1.2 system including  designed by Focal; French leader in electroacoustic sound systems & StelLab*; a Peugeot research unit.
  • Tactile bass systems “SubPac” integrated in the back of every seat ; the fully immersive audio technology that transfers low frequencies into your body and provides you with a new physical dimension to the music experience.
  • The car is designed to stop sound waves from bouncing around.
  • Fully electric, including 2 separate electric engines.
  •  80% of the vehicle is 3D printed.
  • You can open the doors via your smartphone app.

“Music is a central part of the driving experience. Integrating SubPac technology into the automotive world has always been a part of our road-map, and we’re beyond thrilled to be a part of the forward-thinking Peugeot Fractal,”

“Once people physically feel the true impact of music and sound, there is no going back to just hearing it.”

-John Alexiou, Subpac, CEO

The new concept car will be on display September 17th to the 27th at the Frankfort auto show.