&ME & Adam Port are back in town! Keinemusik, the label and collective based in Berlin, is showcasing two of their five artist’s (&ME & ADAM PORT) tonight in Montreal’s Iconic club; Stereobar. The group has not been to Montreal since the label made an appearance last year at Velvet. Keinemusik, with 5 top notch releases a year, has delivered nothing but great music that will make you unable to stop moving. If you never heard of it, we strongly suggest you check them out!

All this to say, if you like the “drummy & jungly” feel deep house can provide, be sure not to miss this unforgettable night.




To top off the night, Stereo is hosting the Official Ile Soniq after-party tonight with the one and only Deadmau5, last time the Mau5  made an appearance at Stereo was back in 2008, so we can anticipate a big night ahead of us.


Written by Nino Poletto