This weekend, we come together to celebrate another anniversary under the Piknic sun, hosted by a lovable team of groovy troublemakers.

Over the past 7 years, Husa Sounds has strived to sprinkle the Montreal scene with artists we believe in, from bringing internationals whose sound deserved to be shared with our community to giving locals a platform to exhibit their talents. We’ve curated concepts, performers, audio-visual productions, spaces, podcast mixes and more, to delight our ears and yours. Below, a gift from one of our most esteemed producers for last year’s anniversary to bask your ears in goodness as your read on.

Together, we’ve lived through a flurry of funky moments… from sunrise sets in lofts and parking lots to sunset sets on boats; from deep grooves down under in the Velvet cave to coasting through the summer peacefully at Waterfront events; from the sparkles of Seb Leger flying us out on New Year’s to Drumcell beatmatching to the smoke alarm at a wicked Halloween church rave; celebrating our first legal 420 with a cosmic alignment of partners and artists in an old swimming pool; exploring the dark immersive productions of LUCID nights; showing the world the type of party Montreal can throw live on Be-At.TV; after-hours in a boarding school… None of it ever was, or will be, possible without your support and without the local collectives, like FrontRite, AVX Lab, and dozens more, whose collaborations make for invaluable productions. 

This year’s Piknic Electronik lineup is one of the most promising and diverse we’ve seen, balancing reliable headliners with tasteful risks, while giving performance space to Montreal collectives. Our community is what makes us; locals performers and attendees are the thumping essence that spark life into our creations. Because of this, there seemed like no better way to celebrate our lucky number 7 than kicking off another rhythmic summer on the Jean-Drapeau island.

Third time’s the charm, so we’re bringing back our beloved hard-hitting cosmic queen Oona Dahl, to surround us in bashing colourful beats. Her past appearances in Montreal were a fierce display of energy, whether under the zig-zagging Newspeak lights or at AIM Festival’s All Day I Dream jams. She will be preceded by Husa Sounds founder Adam Husa and his infamous dance moves, our groove scenester Mike Haddad and nu-dance dark disco fireball Tony Y Not. Today marks the premiere of Adam and Tony Y Not’s eclectic collaboration, Bug Blood.

Öona Dahl | Adam Husa – Recap Video

Here's a little recap of our night at Newspeak last Friday with Öona Dahl & Adam Husa.🎥:: Feliks

Posted by Husa Sounds on Thursday, January 18, 2018

There’s a lot to celebrate this time around. Over the past year, we’ve launched a new website, started the Dreamworld series hosting artists like Miyagi and Tara Brooks, threw jams in Toronto and Ottawa, hosted a fryhide label showcase, interviewed some interstellar artists like Atroxx, Christian Löffler, Satori, Or Room and Victor Ruiz, covered events like MUTEK, Illusion, Movement, Jazz Fest, Shambhala, Miami Music week… Our Intercity Connections series covered artists and events in Morocco, Bahrain and Mexico City. Our SoundCloud is close to hitting 10k, ripe with new releases and podcasts. With new exciting projects coming up, we always want your feedbacks on what you’d like to see grow in our scene.

Whether it’s the rush of an all nighter before an Abandoned_ event to finish preparations, coffee-fuelled evenings figuring out new concepts and ideas, vibing together at feel-good deep house evenings nestled in Montreal venues, we always search for new ways to surpass ourselves and surprise you, ways to connect with our followers from the dance floor to their living rooms. The wild and communicative ride never ceases, always basking in immersive sound and light. Catch us under the Piknic sun!