In 2012, the “Abandoned ___” series was introduced to Montreal. The aim was to create an event taking place in a boathouse by the Lake of Two Mountains. The location was prime for an intimate event such as this as it was distanced from the riggers of the city. The building was made entirely of wood, giving us great physical conditions for sound. This occasion sparked an idea with the goal of transforming surprising locations into dance events for a night. This project carried out a tumultuous night still vivid in the memory of its attendees until today. Remembered as a journey that took us 45 minutes away from the city, it was a drive into the depths of the forest where connoisseurs of the industry gathered by the water. Once inside, the discovery of an epic wooden boombox harboring hundreds of audiophiles was made possible. The vibes shared then propelled us recreate the same night the following year and to eventually hold this night annually for Montrealers. The second chapter in the series, which took place last October, was title “Abandoned: Factory”. Needless to say, this one was twice as successful as the first; with more attendees and the addition of more collectives that delivered innovations in the audiovisual field inside an old textile factory in the heart of Downtown.

Moving onto our next edition, the collectives have now gathered once again for another thrilling experience. Gearing up to bring you high culture, we have come across the opportunity to use a boarding school in the Eastern Townships as our hosting venue. Now that’s crazy. Not only will this event go all night long, but it will be hosted on May 6th, right after the exhausting exam weeks of universities. We never thought it would be so exciting to go back to school!

This event will include an outdoor stage located in the recess area followed by gathering inside the college grounds at dusk. Headlining the outdoor stage are world-class Adana Twins, who will be presented by Ancient Future in the recess area. This duo is proudly representing renowned Watergate Records as well as dispatching incredible recent releases on Solomun‘s Diynamic music. On the local front, and supporting the stage, are Drol. (Live) [OCTOV], Chiino [8day] accompanied by Risa [Onderground]; ensuring the warm up is properly lit for this event.

Once inside the academy, you will be able to discover the diverse sounds of Atroxx, Jimmy Be, Or Room, Johnny Messina, Rafa Pineda, Adam Husa, Kris Tin, Vowels & White. We’ve planned out many activities, that will be happening simultaneously, and will announce them shortly.

This baccalaureate reminiscence will keep the partying going until the wee hours of the morning… All we can say is… Do not miss this.

The exact location has not yet been announced, but early bird tickets as well as bus transportation passes will go on sale Thursday, April 13th at noon and are likely to sell out fast. We suggest you stay tuned for the link that will be shared on the event page.

Location: TBA
Ticket Sale Begins: 13/4/17
Abandoned Academy


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“We care about your hearing and have partnered up with EarPeace to make their High Fidelity Hearing Protection available at Abandoned. We all love music so let’s preserve our hearing to enjoy it for longer!”

Article by Andres

The image used in the cover is NOT the actual school used for the event.