I found a hidden oasis in the middle east, an oasis where hippies, burners, party goers and music lovers get together for an unbelievable party. Soundscapes Bahrain put on a Manjumasi showcase where we had Atish headlining, as well as the wonderful sounds of Brian Cid and Vincent Casanova. Bahrain’s own Nezar opened the show with some uplifting day tunes.

Soundscapes Bahrain started with a group of friends who wanted to see their favorite DJ’s perform in their country, instead of constantly flying to Dubai or other neighboring countries to listen to quality music. Some 4 years later these guys have managed to put together one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to… and, you can say I’m a well-seasoned travel party searcher 😉 Below, I’ve added Atish’s Desert Hearts set… enjoy!


These guys perfected everything from decor to venue to activities to bathrooms and crowd. Situated on a family farm “The Oasis” boast large palm trees, large structures for sunset watching, BYOB picnic-style event where pets and children are welcome until sunset.

Looking around and seeing the amount of creativity, love, and hard work challenged into the event truly made me feel so lucky to have found this hidden gem in the Middle East. No VIP, no pretentiousness, maybe some drunk fools but you can’t get rid of those that easy lol. To top all of this off I was lucky enough to catch Mira (Berlin) play in Bahrain at a private afterparty with some of the best humans I know. It took me the whole night to fathom the fact that she was playing for 30 people in a villa kitchen!

I am showing Montreal that our vibes go across the globe, so the next time you are on that side of the planet, and you see an event done by Soundscapes Bahrain, you will know its a must. Their next event in the Oasis will feature Acid Pauli, another legend, on April 13.

As I say bye to the desert heat, I am happy to be home in Montreal and start sharing those vibes with you all

See you on the dancefloor,

Atish [Manjumasi, San Francisco]
Vincent Casanova [Manjumasi, Sweden]
Brian Cid [Manjumasi, Sweden]