Montreal has its fill of house and techno events, no doubt about it. Whether you’re at any given Stereo show, an evening spent at piknic, or one of many basement-y, hole in the wall events, we can get our fix left and right.

But something I really, really love seeing is an event which paints itself outside the box of the just the average rave…or perhaps an event divests from the typical “rave” environment and opts for something different.


This Saturday, Collision is bringing together a variety of eclectic music and visual art to Entrepots Dominion; combining a chill festival environment with a warehouse space for a immersive, multi-dimensional art experience. If the super positive reception of Fragments back in September is any indication, Collision is sure to be an all encompassing visual, musical, artistic experience which will leave your spirit touched and heart warmed to last you through these last few weeks of winter.


It’s fitting that the Collision team is bringing Maksim Dark, an up and coming international artist from Russia, who currently resides in Berlin. He’s received praise from the likes of Richie Hawtin himself, and has recently released music under Dubfie’s Sci + Tec Label, Boris Brejcha, and dark techno master Sian with Octopus Records. Maksim injects a young, innovative energy into his productions, which he’ll be playing exclusively as part of his live set.

Out now my new release on my favourite label Senso Sounds 3 underground tracks 🙏in all shops. Also Spotify, Cheers.

Publicado por Maksim Dark en Martes, 2 de abril de 2019

If you haven’t checked out his many, many productions yet, you can do so by clicking here. He has produced a wide variety of music that speaks to many genres of electronic music: techno, house, electronica, dub, ambient…you can’t quite fit him into a box. Which is why he’s perfect for this Saturday’s show. Take a listen to Groovy Filth (Original Mix). Highly recommended.

The visual experience is everything. Collision is bringing VJ Diagraf, who plays internationally as well as at local festivals like MUTEK and Igloofest. Above, you can see his art in play at SAT’s dome for Acid Pauli. Void Acoustics have brought only the best in quality sound to shows across Montreal, and they’ll be at Collision to ensure you hear every detail of the featured artists’ soundscapes.

Speaking of featured artists…our local musical talent while taking us on a trip through the world of deep tech, prog tech, psy tech, and more. Maybe you’ve seen Rafa Pineda or OKIN recently at the (((temple))), or Hybriid when they threw down some techno at Eclipse Festival this past summer. You can check out all of the featured artists below. Whether you’re more prone to groove with psy-trance, or your head is stuck in the realm of techno these days, these musical talents span such a wide range of genre and style for all listeners to enjoy. Check. them. out. here:


Rafa pineda





Pikan T



hybriid @Eclipse Festival Transformation 2018

Still don't want drop from that fantastic cloud we are since our set at Eclipse Festival Canada (Transformation 2018) on Friday. The energy was already pretty high when we start our set and we where in kind of bubble till the end. The experience was totally mind blowing, to see all your smiles and faces, floating with the music. Thanks for your warm presence, your words and this incredible edition. Thanks to Yann Neek to add us into this edition. The Lunar stage was completely unreal. Also thanks to Erik Amyote and Mathieu Labelle to persue the Eclipse Adventure and everyone involve in this edition. This one, we will always remember, for ever. Thanks to Frédéric Gouin Mono-Poly for these captation during our set. Wow !

Publicado por hybriid en Miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

So I’ve laid out what’s happening with the music this Saturday at Entrepots. But the Collision team is bringing you more than just a musical experience. The Art & Chill Space, the second room in the venue, will host a variety of artists, kiosks, with some out of this world decorations and spaces to sit, chill, and take it easy (finally, an alternative space at an electronic music event to just chill out).

Think of all the aspects you love at a festival (especially for all you psy lovers out there), brought right here to the Montreal in a warehouse. Down for some body painting? Live performance art? Looking to pick up your next piece of glass just in time for 4/20? All of these can be found in the Art & Chill Space. Sometimes, at any given rave, there’s a need to escape to a space when the music environment is too stimulating or too intense. This space is a place for all music and art lovers to exchange their art, a few words, a few ideas, and take sanctuary.

Artists for Saturday include: Steve Orton(Live Painting), Orfika (Live canvas & body painting), Sara-J Art (Live canvas painting), Cornelia Rose (Body Paignting), Pauline Grbr (Body Painting). Get ready for some paint expressed through many, many mediums.

There will also be a harm reduction kiosk, along with some sweet vendors who will be showcasing and selling their creations. Check them out here: Flying Safe, Sandy’s Bugz ,Jeanne’s Treasure Box, 
Gaia Thea , Boomhauer Glass, Orfika

Collision is here to break down boarders and create an inclusive experience not just for ravers, but for everyone. This concept isn’t widely executed at Montreal electronic events, and it’ll be awesome to watch it all unfold in a night of true synergy. People, art, music, expression, chilling out: all things loved by many, just in time to usher us into the summer festival season.

Here are all the deets for Saturday. (You can also find them through Collision’s facebook event by clicking HERE). Get your tickets soon! Phase 2 is almost sold out!

Entrepôts Dominion (Warehouse Venue)
3968 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montréal, QC H4C 2C7
Near Lionel-Groulx Metro Station

TICKETS can be found HERE

As always, see you on a dance floor near you xx

Article: Hunter