Breathe in…
Breathe out…

Mujia & Tajo have crafted a deep, slow story. A story telling tales of distant lands, taking us ion a slow trip through bliss.

Emotional, Deep, Acid – Bosque Negro is a track worthy of its name. A dark forest of emotion and reflection, laced with acid cuts and spacey synths.

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Cosmovision Records presents ” Elements of these Land ”
We want to give a respect to our lands, protect our earth, give some respect for what we have now and preserve and cherry it for the next generation. Let’s get in contact with what we are today and the place where we live now. To go beyond the act of pushing buttons in a computer to make random music to instead: get a common inspiration as a collective from something meaningful for us and for the people who’ll listen to our music and live here, in Canada, and after, to the rest of the world. From our different backgrounds and a simple art theory concept that ̈unites the tribe ̈, we can develop a concept that western society usually forgets, and that from the aesthetics of our music it’s an opportunity to analyze and evolve. The music will be what you need or what you want to feel, make you think and make your trip, any emotions is a gift … this compilation is made all about that.

“Bosque Negro” is an impassable terrain, covered by dense forests and inhabited by wild animals. We’ve carried the idea of doing a song like this for a long time now. Transporting the feelings of a dark and yet beautiful place on earth, nearly undiscovered and filled with all those noises, creaking trees, howling winds and singing birds. A trippy journey through unexplored territory, come and take a closer look… Mujia & Tajo