January 12th – Öona Dahl at Newspeak

All Day I Dream’s princess will be in town tomorrow and you certainly don’t want to miss her. The New York-based DJ and producer Öona Dahl has emerged as an intricate, delicate talent in the world of deep house. Gifted with an open mind and a broad knowledge of musical genres, she navigates through the realms of downtempo, electronica, and ambient soundscapes. From techno, deep house, to experimental electronica, her music spans broad dance floor territory. Her savvy for melodic tech house as well as calming downtempo sounds gave her a reputation of hard to match-skills behind the decks.

Õona Dahl

Her colorful character is somewhat distant and wonderful. She gently blends sparkling melodic elements with heavy, grinding basslines, creating an ethereal soundscape. Her passion for electronic music allowed her to find the perfect balance between light and dark. With releases on All Day I Dream and Hallucienda, she is able to express both arrays of emotions through her sound. Both musical styles are equally vital forms of her expression as an artist. As she perceives both sounds in unity, it’s hard to imagine one without the other. Öona Dahl weaves between the lines with a prominent sense of individuality, gifting her expertly crafted take on dance music to her audience. She knows how to connect to the crowd on another level, transforming dance floors into spaces wreathed in sound. Working either solo or as part of Slumber (which sees her team up with Amber Cox), she bounces back and forth between the two musical worlds. Her output takes listeners beyond the conscious state.

When we saw her play last year in Montreal, she combined both downtempo and club sounds into her set, making us feel as if we were able to be in both worlds at the same time. Öona Dahl: “Ambient resonates calmness and often a feeling of peace for me. Electronic music has no boundaries. By incorporating many styles into my DJ sets – especially soundscapes – I’m able to express a story or a journey of emotions through sound.”

Tomorrow night, she will take us on an odyssey to her dream-like world. With support from our beloved Adam Husa, we’re gonna get trippy!

Öona Dahl