This evening, prepare to have your souls handed to you by Satori & The Band From Space, giving you an intimate experience at L’Astral

This fall, Dutch producer Satori embarks on a North American tour, which will see him bring his thought-provoking sound from coast to coast. We will be guided on a journey through time with his live band Satori & The Band From Space.’ Here is his original track Shotgun to get you all pumped up for tonight!

“Satori is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. It is not defined by any one genre. Satori is here to satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden. Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; he is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar in combination with a deeper form of electronic music.” -words taken from Satori’s artist bio, to be shared with you.

If you want a sneak peak of what is to come this evening here is a beautiful set from Satori at DGTL Amsterdam !

I will be swaying with a joyous heart submitting to his addictive sounds. Together Montreal will show up and prove that we are the best crowd to play for. Stay tuned for an interview with the artist himself brought to you by Husa Sounds.

See you on the dancefloor,