As temperatures drop in Montreal, we can count on Burning Sun to keep us moving with musical heat waves punctuating the upcoming cold. On Saturday the 27th, expect another afternoon visit to varied shades of house, from deep to progressive to afro, wrapped up on a terrace chock full of smiles – all for a very special Halloween edition.

Floral Nights and NoiseFLoor Records have comfortably carved their fruitful collaboration onto the Montreal scene. This singular gathering flourishes into our weekends twice per month, graced by a revolving reliable roster of local talents and international guests selected with flair. After enjoying a full house for its Klassified showcase and an exciting female artist jam, the Abreuvoir terrace opens its arms to Vancouver based Rasi Z, the high energies of Nils Fluck and Riico, and stellar residents Dexter Crowe and Andres Velila bringing attendees in one thump at a time. To keep all dancing bodies warm, the terrace and its automated walls and roof will be equipped with several heaters.

The young Rasi Z stands out amidst a sea of increasingly saturated soundscapes, nourishing a pensive deep and light sonic identity. Born in Tehran, this audio recording and sound engineer graduate adorns his gliding basslines with evocative instrumental arrangements, often coated in earthy vocals. His gentle weaving of djembe, sitar and udu into productions conjure a balance between dreamy and organic.

Rasi Z’s deftly curated Desire EP [Dream Culture] released in 2017 is an explorative and luminous work, featuring tracks by Fulltone, El Mundo and Soul Brothers that travel between organica, Oriental deep and minimal grooves. Rasi Z’s sounds provided ideal foundations for remixers to sculpt edits that match his originals in emotional depth, while infusing their own dreaminess into their work.

His latest release, Zamin (“Earth” in Persian) is a sweeping melodic ode to the preservation of the Earth with Spanish lyrics by Lithuanian artist, educator and activist Ravensdaughter.

This week, Burning Sun welcome back Riico to follow up a stirring set last August that had everyone on their feet, radiating the most excited and encouraging shouts we’ve heard on the terrace so far.

Boiler room vibes last night deep in the jungle. I had an unbelievable time playing here, it really felt like I was one with the crowd. The vibe and energy were through the roof!Thank you to the Floral Nights family for inviting me over to play at this very special event. Montreal needed an epic day time party like this!

Posted by Riico on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Nils Fluck will follow up with what promises to be an eclectic and rich selection of sounds; this resolutely artistic soul allows glimpses into a world of plentiful genres throughout his mixes – hear for yourself below.

Burning Sun returns with yet another cool, collected but definitely not calm crew of artists. Catch you on the terrace.

Article by Lola Baraldi

Photos by Pascal F