With so many festivals and venues to choose from this summer, one cannot possibly have the chance to see it all. For those of us flexible enough to go with the flow, there’s always a broad range of possibilities when it comes to enjoying some laughs, great quality music and the glowing Sun. Over the ages, we humans have had the tendency, while in the outdoors, to spontaneously honour that big bright thing that complements the best of our memories.

Corona Sunset Festival gives world-wide outdoor audiences an interesting concept worth mentioning to anyone looking to connect. It is based on the celebration of a day’s sunset in stunning locations across an entire continent. This year, we are privileged to host it in Canada and welcome this spectacularly boundless event. The festival will bring the cities of Halifax, Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Whistler together. From East to West, thousands of people will join in the fun with performances of from Christian Löffler, Claptone, Christian Martin & Crooked Colors to name a few across the nation.

corona sunsets festival canadacorona sunsets festival canada
corona sunsets festival canada

Saturday evening a livestream will commence in the east coast with Amtrak that will be taking over Hallifax.

For our beautiful province, our resident musical tastemaker, Adam Husa, is set to bring the you the latest soundscapes and sunrays that will make even the most closed-minded standing tree, dance his ass off to the sound of the beat. In representation of his native land, he will take Quebec City’s helm at 18:00 EST and finish off his set at 19:45 EST with one last golden record in the sky. Following this rendition, Australia’s Crooked Castle will take over sunset controls for a unique DJ set right at dusk. Closing out the Quebec show, a Montrealer’s dreamgirl on the decks, Mightykat, is charged with delivering the final trip.

Jumping to the next city, Hot Chip & Christian Löffler will play for Toronto. Winnipeg will broadcast next and voyage through a sunset with no other than Christian Martin. To arrive finally at Kidnapp & Claptone that will be taking the west coast on ride in the city of Whistler.

To close out the beautiful Canada Tour of the festival, no other than Amtrak will be taking over Hallifax.


Now with 5 weeks to go before the equinox, come join us as we follow the course of the falling Sun tomorrow. 

By Andres