Last Saturday June 2nd, local DJ/Producer talent Atroxx, and international cosmic techno tastemaker Pleasurekraft gave Stereo listeners an unforgettable lesson in music. Like so many weekends in Montreal, this one was stacked with global artists, back to back, night after night. However, what Atroxx and Pleasurekraft delivered at (((the temple))) was a true masterclass of techno mayhem. We who were present on the dancefloor will certainly remember this as one of the most enjoyable and technically impressive Stereo shows featuring local and international minds of 2018.

To start the night off right, Atroxx didn’t hold back as he warmed up the crowd with his signature sound of heavy, driving bass lines, topped with dark, echoing vocals, shrouded with edgy, fleeting percussive sounds. Only a couple hours into the show, the crowd was on its feet, matching the intensity that Atroxx was casually delivering at the decks. It was clear we were all prepared for an evening of mind altering mixing as Montrealers and visitors alike symbiotically grooved along to the incredible wavelength Atroxx was spinning onto the dancefloor. Hearing this opening set was simply a reminder that Montreal truly boasts some of the best DJs and Producers North America has to offer!


Recently, Atroxx has had some of his tracks dropped in sets by international giants such as Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Alan Fitzpatrick, Wehbba, D-Unity, and more. We are thrilled to see that his recent collaborative EP Release with French DJ/Producer The Reactiviz, “Secret Weapon”, landed in the Top 100 Beatport Techno Charts, most recently at #14. On top of this, Montrealers have been fortunate enough to catch Atroxx slaying the decks alongside Ellen Allien and Volvox at Fonderie Darling through Expose Noir, and just a few weeks ago at Piknic Electronik’s Moog Audio Stage.

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus et nuit

As Atroxx spun his last tracks, we welcomed Pleasurekraft to the decks; myself as a first time listener. Since the show was announced, Stereo goers from many different spheres of my own life spoke eagerly about this evening – overall, it truly exceeded my own expectations. Pleasurekraft did more than just spin some tracks at the temple; he sculpted a powerful narrative throughout his set which left listeners in awe.

The set brought so many different corners of techno and electronic music together, packaged nicely, sent through the CDJs, and out through the stacks of speakers for all stereo-goers to marvel at. 

The diversity in the track selection was one of a kind – the way these were all seamlessly woven together throughout the set was a listening experience to behold. When we were all dancing in the heat of “Colour of a Dream”, I was hooked. As soon as I heard the Eats Everything Remix of “Flash”, I was sold. Pleasurekraft reached the corners of dance music, techno, political messages and sentiments sampled into his music, deconstructed our minds, and put them back together.

Pleasurekraft’s sound, since their release of “Tarantula” in 2010, has changed over time. Although they were once synonymous with tech house, they eventually transitioned into spinning more dark, intense, cosmic techno sounds. “Friends, Lovers, and Other Constellations”, Pleasurekraft’s debut Album which dropped back in February, encompases darkness, the cosmos, space, and poetic life experiences wrapped up into one stellar collection of tracks.

 “This self-dubbed “cosmic techno” sound has garnered support from a range of techno heavyweights, including Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber & many more. While “Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations” is certainly dressed in full techno regalia, its pulsing heart years toward a greater understanding of the Cosmos, and humanity’s place within it”.

I couldn’t help but feel how this quote perfectly translated to our experiences on the dancefloor on Saturday. We were truly blessed with a musical narrative like no other, which made Atroxx and Pleasurekraft’s show one to remember for 2018.

Catch Atroxx spinning at AIM and Eclipse festivals this summer.

Pleasurekraft is just finishing phase two of their North American Album Tour! You can catch up with all of their recent and upcoming events here!

Catch you soon on the dancefloor!

Article by Hunter