On Monday, the final day of the Movement Festival, the heat was blistering, the sun was shining, and all we wanted to do was dance! I will confidently say it was the hottest day of the festival, and for that reason we started late (also, because we partied till morning at Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, and The Martinez Brothers afterparty..hehe)

Delano Smith Rocking the Main Stage

I had seen Ellen Allien, one week prior at Expose Noir in Montreal, and she absolutely killed it. I was talking about her all weekend and was super excited to see her live at the Pyramid stage, the sad part is that Charlotte de Witte was playing at the same time in the Underground stage. We started at Ellen, absolutely loved it and when we tried to make it to the Underground stage, it was like entering a hotbox oven. It was a nightmare, it seemed that the concrete was absorbing and harvesting the heat from the day, and releasing it to whoever was in that stage. We managed to stay for 20 mins before we rushed outside. Below is a video from Charlotte De Witte’s insane set!


At 10 we had REZZ on at the same time as Wu-Tang Clan, The Monday lineup was frustrating because there was many amazing artists, but they all played at the same time! Coming from the west coast, I have a sweet spot for REZZ her set at Shambhala in 2016, took my breath away and I’ve seen her in Montreal too!

Wu-Tang Clan was an interesting addition to the mostly techno line up, and there were some mixed feelings within the community. On one hand, they are a fantastic group of artists and catching them with an almost-full lineup is rare, on the other hand, techno attracts a certain type of person while hip-hop attracts another, and sometimes they don’t mix well together. Overall, it’s amazing to see so many different people come together, and letting music speak for overcoming their differences.

All in all I had the most wonderful time at Movement, and I can’t wait to cover next year’s event!!!!! Thanks to paxhau and Detroit, and all the talented artists, and of course the patrons that made it all worth it. Hopefully, next year we can hope for some more wind!

Until 2019, Movement, I love you

Article by Hellan

Photos by Lola Baraldi