It’s the third edition of Majlis series, a night where nomadic sounds, desert vibes, and dedicated organizers will transport you to a majlis in the desert.

Kindisch’s Nic Falardeau, Husa Sounds‘ Mike Haddad Akumandra‘s Philip Chedid  will be curating the evening and guiding us through an unforgettable night of hypnotizing sounds, that will have us surrendering! 

The organizers which include Mike Haddad, Philip Chedi & Dübelu‘s new label Endless Sands of Time,   are catering to the music addicts, the slaves to the bass with the event starting early at 7 pm and ending at 4 am with cover at 8$ so there is no time wasted here!

These events attract the best people in the city so you are in for a wonderful night! Make sure to wear your comfiest party gear and get prepared to dance the night away to the ecstatic sounds of the desert!

Below: Our curated playlist of the 3 talented artists including Philip Chedid’s beautiful Mousiké mix, Mike Haddad’s goosebump giving oasis set & Nic Falardeau’s Classy Deep Classified mix <3 .

There is a reason this is the third segment, people keep wanting more!! And I will definitely be there front center the entire time!

See you on the dancefloor xoxo

Article by Hellan Said