Hey Montreal, get into gear because we have Strange Town Recordings Showcasing at Newspeak to attend, TODAY, Friday, Jan 20th!

A Montreal born record label featuring all their talented artists under one roof where we can bob our heads and dance uncontrollably…what better venue to host these vibes than NEWSPEAK.

On the menu: Groj, Bryan Wolf Ear, Flowers And Sea Creatures, Raphaël Doré. With sounds and vibes that transcend through progressive and techno, it will be a treat for anyone’s music taste. Newspeak always provides an unforgettable time, even though sometimes you don’t remember what happens (hehe) on top of that, when paired with some bad ass artists, this is a perfect treat for this epic winter!

With support from Dave Seaman, Petar Dundov, Max Graham, Hernan Cattaneo to name a few,  Strange Town Recordings have been rising up through the Montreal scene and you wonderful music lovers get a highly anticipated, taste of who they are tomorrow!!

2017 is their biggest year to date, with 2018 already set to make waves working with acclaimed artists Navar, Jaap Lightart, Jacob Seville, Amber Long to name a few.

With Igloofest ending at 11 pm and this fantastic event for 8$ after midnight and 5$ before midnight, you really can’t miss this. NO EXCUSES! Below, I’ve added the artists’ media links to test the waters! I’m already super pumped for this!



Bryan Wolf Ear


Flowers And Sea Creatures

Raphaël Doré

Buy your unbelievably priced 5$ pre-sale  TICKETS HERE!  And find me on the Danceflooor!!!

Article by Hellan