As Montrealers, we are known for our affinity for live music as much as we are by our ability to withstand freezing cold temperatures for unnaturally long periods of time. We come by the thousands to attend Igloofest every year – blissfully dancing the night away in sub-zero temperatures. Here’s another musical winter event to look forward to, taking place in the Old Port!

La Patinoire Natrel du Vieux-Port’s DJ on Ice Thursdays series started up again on December 21st, featuring local groove conductor Andrés Vellila, who’s known for regularly spicing up our Salon Daomé evenings. It will be running from 7-10pm every Thursday until March 8, 2018.

The Natrel ice rink is lit up like a prism for the occasion with the new Old Port Ferris wheel providing a stunning backdrop, and a DJ residing in the ticketing booth adjacent to the rink. The close quarters create an intimate setting even though the venue is quite literally open-air.

Bring friends, bring a date, go solo, or start your Igloofest evening early (it’s right next door!) with 80’s mixes from Asuka Jade Fujiyama, house grooves from Brandon Tobianah, and progressive techno from Bryan Wolf Ear, among others.

The frigid temperatures may daunt some, but for those of us with a passion for live music, this combination of ice skates and good music is sure to start a fire in our hearts. Check out the full schedule here.

Article by Morgan Mulqueen.