This Friday, you will be soaring on a new cloud if you happen to catch Mike Haddad and Miyagi at Velvet. Both familiar faces, one local, the other international, the vibe they bring is unique yet similar. This is the penultimate show of Miyagi‘s latest tour, which celebrates his new album Scene from a Dream, released just two months ago on November 20th 2017.

He began his tour with a European leg that lasted through all of December, and after a quick jaunt at the Kilifi New Year festival in Kenya, Miyagi has been bringing the smooth sounds of Scene from a Dream to his North American fans.

The name of Miyagi’s album is perhaps a nod to the great surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, who often depicted the fragmented-yet-whole landscapes that came to him in dreams; the album’s sound certainly recreates this dissonant resonance, of which Miyagi is master. Giving a listen to this album is akin to driving down a winding mountain pass – around every corner is something beautiful, new and surprising, but the memory of the past is always embedded at the core. After listening multiple times, I am all the more excited to take the journey live with Miyagi himself at Velvet.

Mike Haddad will complement Miyagi’s ethereal beats with his own take on all things deep and dark. His soul is from the desert; he speaks it with his music. Haddad is a solid local favorite, with appearances at Velvet, OriGn or Stereobar, and recently expanded his show schedule to include Ontario venues.

The attendees on Friday night will be experiencing a special vibe, because Haddad and Miyagi are a harmonious duo, both in mind and in sound. Sure to bring a smile to your face and rhythm to your heart, this pair is not to be missed.

Miyagi’s album is available for purchase on Beatport and Amazon CD, as well as streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Article by Morgan