Finally the clock struck 5! You could feel the all-around happiness and positive energy. The beginning of the holiday vacation that we’ve all been waiting for has arrived.

With only a couple of days before Christmas, I found myself needing some holiday cheer in order to get a little more in the season’s mood. So many options, but one catches my eye the most: The 3rd annual Front Rite Christmas party aka Technatale. What better way to celebrate then meeting some friends for techno and cannoli!

It’s now eight pm and the snow stars falling down heavily, the more wine my friends and I start to ingest, the cozier we get on couch. Slowly, I start finding myself wanting to just stay in, eat some delivery and watch movies all night. As the time passes by, I can’t help myself but to think of my broad to-do list before going back home to spend some time with the family. Now, I’m really debating going to Newspeak for Technatale or getting to bed early (well, early-ish). One by one, my friends decide to stay-in for the night and leave for the coziness of their beds. I can feel the tiredness invading my body and decide to get in the car and head home as well.

Photo by Jonathan Nouvellon

As I get to the car, the snow is slowly stopping and the debate is stronger than ever: do I head home or do I go to the event for a drink and a little holiday cheer? I start driving and decide to go wish Buon Natale to the techno fam. As I get to Newspeak, the Saint-Elisabeth street feels empty, which is very surprising on a Friday night. The closer I get to the entrance the louder the music gets. I start hearing this groovy sound, a sound that instantly brings every cell in my body alive.

I make my way through the bar, heading to the dance floor and start seeing more and more familiar faces. Almost instantly, the tiredness leaves my body and I just start grooving to the most amazing music.

newspeak montreal
newspeak montreal

Atroxx behind decks, mixing a groovy and powerful techno. Everybody seems to be having a great time and, as the time passes by, the more people start showing up. The man behind Front Rite, Mr. D’Urbano himself, greets me on the dance floor with terallis, clementine, nutella and panettone. What more can a girl ask for?

Now a feeling of pure happiness fills my body and I can’t help but to smile and move to the grove of this wonderful music we all love. As the night goes by, Anthony sets up an amazing food station, filled with the best Caciocavallo cheese and prosciutto. Where else could you find food that just keeps on coming, lovely people that all share the same love and the most amazing banging techno, all reunited under one roof?

Honestly, this unique event has to be one of my favorite holiday traditions. It never disappoints! What was supposed to be 1 drink turned into a party, closing the club at 3 am. Once more, props to Front Rite for organizing this amazing event. The food, the party and the music were all on point. Last night was truly incredible and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the New Year. I’d like to thank the organization for a great holiday season start.

I wish you all an amazing time with your loved ones: Buon Natale! Can’t wait to see all of you on the dance floor in 2018.


article by Telsa