From the still night of Saturday December 16th at 2am to the thumping evening of Sunday the 17th at 10pm, legends Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J played an unbelievable 20 hour B2B set, in the one and only Stereo Montreal! 

Wow! Stereo Montreal was unforgettable this past weekend and Montreal is still buzzing, from the FOMO of the ones who missed it to the sharing of experiences with photos, track ID’s, videos and personal impressions of those who were lucky to attend! Events like this are why Montreal is so high up on the map: the community of music lovers is so diverse and yet so tight knit. We’re all on the same wavelength even if its the only thing we have in common. <3

We danced, we hugged, we transported to multiple dimensions through their unforgettable sounds. I have never been so shocked at the track selection genius that came with a set. There were points in the night (afternoon) where I would literally mouth the words “what the fuck” out of pure amazement when the drop hit. Looking around, I’d read the same reaction on other people’s faces. Cattaneo and Guy J amazingly composed the vibe over and over again, successfully transforming it into something so different than what it just was….mindblowing.

Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but dance. We surrendered ourselves to the DJ’s and they delivered. There is an unbelievable amount of skill and genius involved with playing a set of 20 hours, the energy levels must be distributed throughout the set, so the crowd doesn’t get overworked but remains pumped up enough. The flow between Hernan and Guy was flawless and their demeanor on the decks was impeccable.

I arrived Sunday afternoon at around 3pm as Husa Sounds founder Adam Husa said I needed to get there ASAP. The flow while getting in was so easy, no lineups, just people freely going in and out, whether joining the party, stepping out for a break, or calling it a night after their own journey.

When I entered, I was shocked at the full house; I had never seen Stereo that packed before, and it was 3 pm on a Sunday. The crowd was ever changing with people coming in and out all the way until the end.

Yes, it was a memorable marathon for music gods and our community alike!!! Montreal’s Front Rite group members had stars in their eye – we had K.D. say:

“was there all 20 hours. I’m now walking around like an elderly person; everything hurts. Was still worth the drive up from Buffalo by myself to come see this. Incredible”

As I’m writing about our shared journey, I am overflowing with energy and am smiling from ear to ear. People from all walks of life together, such a diverse pack moving through, hour by hour.

Just to give you a picture of how diverse the show was, the trip was topped off by a unique and oriental remix of The Doors. As the lights turned on we swayed to the sounds while appreciating  the likes of everyone around us, strangers hugging, joking and bouncing. I had goosebumps just looking at the beautiful people surrounding me.

Also on the FrontRite page, D.S. said “Just witnessed history. What a party.”  The fanbase here in Montreal is one of the best in the world, and the shows always filled with people who give it their 100%. This event was sold out way beforehand, yet people were still coming and going all throughout the night/day. Honestly, this 20-hour Stereo event just gets me even more excited for the 29-hour Stereo event for VISION-NYE in two weeks!!!!!!!!

A huge thank you to @stereomontreal and Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. You really made us believe in music once again, as always.

See you under the disco ball <3

Article by Hellan