Artists who learn to push boundaries of electronic music truly enhance the listening experience with a recognizable creativity. The ability to push sounds outside the box and create performance and production practices away from norms is a valuable attribute, one that stands out in the musical landscape – specially when backed up by remarkable live experiences.

Owner and founder of the New York-based imprint Other People, Jaar has been fashioning noise since his debut album Space Is Only Noise dating back to 2011. This album was ranked # 1 album of the year by many influential magazines, such as Resident Advisor, Mixmag, and Crack Mag. It was also ranked best music from Pitchfork and given a 4 star by the Guardian.

This lead into him successfully touring the album for 3 consecutive years, to be voted #1 live act on RA and Essential Mix of the year by BBC in 2012. Jaar’s distinctive craft and soundscapes were thus recognized worldwide by music connoisseurs.

In 2013, he started a unique and special project, the beginning of the Darkside duo. The debut album consisted of a live performance by Nicolas Jaar and longtime multi-instrumentalist collaborator Dave Harrington, delivering beautiful tones of jazz and blues guitar on dark electronic grooves.

Soon after the release, the show became Jaar’s fanbase’s go-to – well at least for us it was. Later in 2015, Jaar took a different direction and stepped into the movies score industry, adding his personal unique touch to the soundtrack of films such as Pomegranates, an alternative soundtrack to The Color of Pomegranates, as well as Dheepan, a thriller about Sri Lankan refugees living in the suburbs of Paris.

Last but not least, Jaar released another critically acclaimed album in late 2016, called ‘Sirens’. We’re lucky enough to be able to witness him in action about once a year here in Montreal. But living here doesn’t mean you can attend the show even at the very last minute, as they’re almost sure to sell out every-time he makes an appearance, so be sure to get your tickets [HERE] beforehand for what promises to be yet another exceptional performance!

Article by Lola