We’re almost half way through summer ’17 now and what an amazing time we’ve had so far. The whole team was pleased to see our supporters showing up in strong numbers for our anniversary weekend.


Moving onto this weekend’s festivities, SANDER arrives in Montreal from across the Atlantic to join us in the continuing series of Wildlife parties. Originally from Mexico, he’s made a name for himself as he’s known to host Ayahuasca parties in France and the famous Horde Cruises. Throughout the years he’s played alongside the likes of Sainte Vie, Raz Ohara, Jan Blomqvist, Be Svendsen, Oceanvs Orientalis and countless others. Noteworthy releases for himself have come out on labels such as Wildfang Music, Magician On Duty and Baroque Records.

Sander @Horde cruise

Sander @Horde cruise

Posted by Sweet Musique on Thursday, June 8, 2017

He’s decided to join us for this special edition of Wildlife which will be held this Saturday the 29th of July. The theme chosen for this episode will see us explore the African Savannah… In the torpor of Montreal’s heat wave, the only place to refresh is in the Savannah. The location will be announce at 18:00 on the day of, but for now all we can tell you is that it will be in the downtown area. We will keep the flow going going until 6:00 in the morning with local support from Mike Haddad, Risa, Vedou, Julian Knight.


This night is in collaboration with our good friends Grizzly Rouge


On behalf of everyone on the HS team:
Thank you for your ongoing support and love!


article by Andres