So yesterday on Sunday night, I decided to attend for the first time the Waterfront Montreal. First impression is often a key aspect when trying a new venue and I immediately noticed how happy and welcoming the whole staff was. Only good things can surge when a collective of passionated people unite together under the same roof. The location itself is a bit of a hidden gem, as you have to walk through a number of quiet streets and corners to finally get there. Not to mention the gorgeous view of the canals that could be seen on the terrace.

Photo by Nicolas Landry

As soon as I entered the main room, I was overwhelmed by the positive energy and intensity of the crowd. The decorations of the room were on point, giving it a very intimate and warm feeling. Bright colors and trippy patterns were lining the walls.

But, the highlight of the night was without the doubt the music that was played there. We got there just before midnight, when Emmanuel Cote and Mike Haddad were about to take control of the decks, playing after MonSanto and Chiino. It surely was not the first time I got to see them play, but I have to say I was blown away by the synergy created by both of them. Every track was perfectly blending into each other and complementing the next one. Those oriental and melodic sounds took us in a mystical musical journey.

It’s not every time that you get three full hours of music that give you absolutely no moment to catch your breathe. And that’s an amazing thing. It only takes one dull moment to lose the attention of a crowd, and those two made sure to shake our feelings and make us smile track after track, all night long.

I was happily surprised to see how responsive and reactive the crowd was ; a mix of familiar faces from FRONT RITE, but also many other ones. People were dancing their ass off, screaming their support to the DJs and basically having the time of their life. Seeing those two talented DJs dancing, vibing and giving it all for us behind the booth kept feeding our energy. There’s nothing quite watching the whole room, including the DJs, singing and dancing along to one of my favorite track of the moment « Soak It » . These are moments when you can just close your eyes and travel to unexpected places.

No photo or videos were taken during the whole night. I have to say I definitely got lost into the moment, as I only took out my phone when 3AM came around, to realize that most of my friends were already long gone. A sign of how stellar was the music, I couldn’t get myself to leave the dancefloor before the very last track!

In the end, I left the venue with such a satisfying feeling and knowing that I would be back for another Waterfront terrace party! Yesterday was just another proof that we often wait for those big international names to visit us, when we already have exceptional talented DJs in our own city.

Thanks to everyone involved in the event, and most importantly to Emmanuel Cote and Mike Haddad for the brillant music!! 

Review by Fadi Mohamedieh

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