Warm regards and welcome back to summer in Montreal!

The anticipation felt over the past three months, as we transition seasons, has had us aching for the return of longer days and even longer happy hours. Interestingly enough, we have assured a way to meet the many needs we begin to feel in higher temperature. We’ve dubbed our new weekly event “Waterfront”  that will be taking place on a terrace that overlooks the Lachine Canal. After three years of HSL Sundays we finally decided it was time to take the festivities outdoors.

Photo by Nicolas Landry

Opening Sunday is here and DJ responsibilities are assigned as follows: Adam Husa for his natural need to create for the flock, Debbie DøE’s feminine intuition to drive the dance floor, John Palms ability to maintain seamless transitions, and of course Chiino’s holistic nature to envelop the whole. This is all made possible by our continued collaborations with Front Rite, NBNF & When We Dip

Concerning libations, happy hour is set at the cultural 5 à 7 with $5 pints and $3 shots.

Since Jean-Drapeau has been taken over by Bal en Blanc, consider this a healthy alternative to your usual go at a groovy Sunday. We invite you to come out and enjoy the sunset in the company of old friends great deep progressive music and sips from your favourite cocktails.

Article by Andres