The Brooklyn based & globally known label is bringing its worldly and moving sounds to our lovely city. Akumandra boasts releases from artists like Coss, Spaniol, Dandara, and our very own Philip Chedid. The subgenre of the ethnic and more slowtempo electronica has been growing strongly as of lately. More crews are embracing this sound, even sometimes in nature.

For the love of downtempo, Akumandra comes to our beloved city for a showcase this upcoming Saturday May 13th 2017. Known for incredible trippy and hypnotic releases, this unique label has made its way up pretty fast in the bank of electronic music scene since 2013. We’ve been following Akumandra for quite a while now and noticed that it was one of the first to offer this free download system on Soundcloud; truly practicing the “music for the people” preach.

Regarding the event coming up on Saturday, 2 of the teams which were behind abandoned academy : Onderground & 8day, are bringing us a interesting new psychedelic concept: With Dimensions which will be powered by Noerg. This Saturday, this new concept will grace Montreal with the downtempo vibes of Sainte Vie and EXZ.

This is a very first time in Montreal for both of these artists. Warming up the night, we can hear the sounds of our locals Chiino, Risa, Khalil & Tenzin. With the night ending very late, we will be sure to feel as though we are lost in a jungle; perhaps a psychedelic jungle.
This is one experience we’re sure not to miss [ event ]