As an artist & music lover, to live in such a unique city like Montreal is very inspiring. We constantly see artists striving to make a name for themselves by making beautiful imprints & turning heads. Watching the growth of talents from our intimate town expanding on a worldwide scale can be nothing but motivating for many.

Kindisch step vi 6 adrien bedouin kora dance spirit gab rhome

Kora & Adriēn; Montreal based musicians are two of those upcoming talents from our town who are pushing their own unique sounds. Today marks time for their first official release on no other than Get Physical’s Ethnic label: Kindisch. The “Kindisch Steps VI” EP includes tracks from Bedouin, Dance Spirit, Satori, LUM just to name a few. “Nuit D’Afrique”; the opening track of the compilation is a collaboration between the 2 Montreal artists & has been at the top of my playlist for quite a while now. From the hypnotic grooves mesmerizing feel, the crowd always reacts in such a positive way. Also, later on the EP, Kora releases another original track with the name of “Ovo”. With the early support of Hernan Cattaneo, Acid Pauli, Atish, Lost Desert, Nico Stojan, YokoO and many more, we can be assured  this powerhouse tribal production will be heard on many dancefloors.  You can hear the 2 tracks below. Enjoy!

Article by Adam Husa