For those who haven’t had the chance to experience the premiere of the SXM festival in the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin, it was truly the talk of the year. A combination of breathtaking beaches and mesmerizing music, the stories we have heard, the experience on paradise island was nothing like anyone had ever seen. The pride of Montreal and Toronto fusing their vibes to create a wonderful movement by bringing people together where the snow and cold is far far away is the entire spirit and nature of this beautiful gathering.

From the iconic landing strip, to the cultural diversity of this 2 in 1 French and Dutch split country, this location is perfect to have a boutique intimate festival. The soothing sunsets and energizing sunrises, the intimate jungle nights, the mixed local culture to explore;  this can truly become North America’s own island getaway! Also, going on it’s second year, you can be sure to witness a festival at its pure essence. 

 March is only a couple months away and it is time to begin preparing for the 2017 edition. Now if you are not already sold on the setting, the musical lineup is sure to entice you. Phase one has been released and proceeded to break the internet. Artists and musical geniuses such as Nina Kraviz, Lee Burridge, Nu, Behrouz, Bedouin, Bob Moses, Black Coffee, Ricardo Villalobos,  Soul Clap, Yokoo, John Aquaviva, Chaim, Fur Coat, Thugfucker,  Maher Daniel, Amir Javasoul, Âme and many more! NOW THAT’S A LINEUP! Keep an eye out for phase 2!

If you like partying on beautiful beaches & exotic nightclubs, this event is definitely for you. Let’s sow some support for our city & all the people working day and night to put this show together for the love of music.

Festival starts March 15th to March 19th.
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