It is finally happening, the long awaited AIM Festival & campout with friends will take place this weekend in Montreal! Are you ready? If you aren’t, here is a list of everything and anything you might or might not need to get you covered for this summer funnest camping festival. (This list is not a necessity to everyone, it is simply an all around recommandation to ensure your full comfort)

  • Your Ticket 
  • Your Tent + Tarp (incase of rain)
  •  Sleeping Bag + Inflatable Mattress
  •  Fold Up Chairs
  •  BBQ + Pots & Pans (if your the cooking type)
  •  Cash
  •  Camp Table (if you have one)
  •  Flashlights & Lanterns
  •  Garbage Bags (respect the nature)
  •  Paper Towels + Toilet Paper
  •  Soap + Hyegene Accessories
  •  Paper Plates / Cups / Utensils
  •  Bug Repellent
  •  Frisbee / Ball
  •  Duct Tape (will save your life)
  •  A Few Lighters (you will lose an avg of 4 lighters)
  •  Towel + Beach Towel
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Dancing Shoes
  •  ..Clothing + Poncho (bring warm clothing incase for nightfall)
  •  Beer & Liquor! (only if you are in the premium camp)
  •  Water (lots of water)
  •  Plenty of Mixers (juice, soda, ect)
  •  Sandwiches (peanut butter & j)
  •  Proteins / Granola Bars
  •  Fruits & Veggies
  •  Vitamins (party longer, harder & healthier)
  • Gum
  • Good Vibez

So here is the Lineup & set times:


We hope to see you there, Enjoy the festival & be safe!