This Friday, you’re about to witness a Halloween like no other.

LUCID is a project put together by La Bacchanale, Front Rite, Narcoz and yours truly, Husa Sounds. We share a similar mindset and the goal to unite the nightlife community, show and express the quality and the diversity of Montreal electronic music scene.

This year, the theme is “A Sleepless Experiment”. The theme is based on the developing of a mysterious theory from the late 1940s, this unusual experiment will attempt to keep test subjects awake for days on end, using an unknown experimental sound-based stimulant.
The experiment has been known to entrap the sense of reality between periods of insane and irresponsible behaviour, causing ritualistic and obsessive tendencies within each test subject. A moment where one feels awake, while stuck in a parallel universe of the subconscious mind.
Take part in this phenomenon on the eve of Halloween, taking place in an undisclosed location, where 2 rooms with distinctive audio and visual atmosphere await your arrival.

Visit our Ticket page to be part of our experiment.

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Room 1


Matéo Murphy

Hakim Guelmi


Or Room

Lavėn (Human Pause)


Shades of Blk

Adam Husa

Jimmy Be

Mike Laz


Johnny Messina

Nic Falardeau B2B Rico Pambianchi