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Velvet Montreal Comes To Fruition For The Launch Of “Vines” This Friday!

Beneath the nocturnal streets of the Old Port of Montreal lies quite the special place. The grounds are said to be among the oldest in the city. Interestingly enough, it was the first inn to receive a liquor license in North America. This place is none other than Velvet Speakeasy, where the walls are ripe with history since 1688. Once you’ve experienced this place, the curiosity that suddenly emerges keeps you needing to discover more and wanting to create along its beauty.

Night Vision, Adam Husa, Alemaz, Savvas, Misty, Geist - Vines VA [Bad Pony Records]
Night Vision, Adam Husa, Alemaz, Savvas, Misty, Geist –
Vines VA [Bad Pony Records]
It is with pleasure that our very own Tone Depth has chosen this location for a very unique night. His imprint, Bad Pony, has been inspired by the work of the legendary Marvin Gaye and his high-caliber “Heard It Through the Grapevine” track that exploded both dance floors and top charts back in 1967. Moreover, the idiom is a couple of centuries old and it simply means to hear a news from someone who has heard the same news.


This Friday April 28th, Velvet’s vine comes to fruition for the launch of Night Vision, Savvas, Adam Husa, Misty and Geist’ s upcoming EP on Bad Pony dutifully titled “Vines“.
Join us in the dark secluded cave as Kassian will open for this Bad Pony showcase enhanced with enchanting decoration of the sort you have never seen at the Speakeasy.

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