The beloved Stereo Montreal will be – as always – ringing in the New Year with a bang for a 9 hour round of VISION. After a Stereobar run with Atish, locals Hicky & Kalo will be joined upstairs by Crosstown RebelsSerge Devant and the head of Endless himself, Luca Bacchetti. Luca has mesmerized us before, and he is ready to do it all over again, especially after the recent release of his new full studio album “Secret world”. Husa Sounds had the pleasure of asking Luca some questions about his music, process, and new album.

HS: Tell us about your calling. When did you realize that you wanted to DJ and produce music for a living? Did you have a moment of eureka, or was it gradual?

LB: It was back in the days, 87 or 88 when I saw a DMC competition on TV.. the same period I discovered hip hop, my first love!

HS: Tell us about your 2019 album release, Secret World. What type of influences, feelings and goals went into the making of it?

LB: Following my very first participation at Burning Man in 2016, I came away with the idea of making an album which was entirely ambient : I had spent a lot of time hanging out on the Playa and the experience kind of hit me: I became aware that even without processing all the data, I was nevertheless conscious of having received an added stimulus for some ideas that had been ticking over in my mind for some time. Having grown up listening to LPs, making an album for me means first and foremost being ready to make something worthy to be called an album, not something to be taken for granted.

Soon I realized that to record an album which was only ambient would have been really limiting, especially given the urge to say more, the desire to reveal a side of me that perhaps had always been hidden from view. Bringing together all the pieces of my personal journey was the most natural and instinctive thing at that time as I would have got ‘round to trying my hand at it sooner or later, but in order to tell my story I first needed to attain the maturity that an eventful life history can bring about.

HS: How do you deal with doubts, stress, and demotivation that you might encounter while on tour, or in the studio?

LB: Healthy life and quality food are the key, of course when you have to deal with jet lag isn’t easy, I never take important decisions when I’m tired. When I’m stuck in the studio and nothings happens…. I stop and  I try to do nothing for 2/3 days, I force myself, getting bored to death is my trick.

HS: What do you wish artists and audiences paid more attention to, respectively? What are things you wish they cared about less? If there was one thing about the music scene/industry that you had the complete power to change, what would it be?

LB: As far as music is concerned, both artists and public shouldn’t lose sight of where they are in the moment, and of why. It is all about the actual music. In this age of social networking, music seems to play a minor role. We must ask ourselves why the system is so often biased toward making stars out of artists who are beginners and lacking in any experience, simply as a result of the actions of agencies and marketing campaigns. Everyone thinks it, but nobody says so explicitly. Recently Carl Craig gave a performance which clearly was intended as a provocation…

Great artists shouldn’t compromise their art, but as of now dig their heels in even more. Frustration can be golden and should bring about much more than just diminutive tweets telling half truths. Resistance is key, never more so than today.

Raising the bar is the real political activism.

luca bacchetti

HS: Are there some tracks you’ve made you wouldn’t be able to re-create now, for reasons of different feelings?

LB: All of them ! It’s always a miracle !!!

HS: What would you say is your all-time favourite instrument/synth? The one you always find yourself going back to.

LB: For ‘Secret World’ have been used a lot of instruments and I’ve recorded live musicians… I usually work in the box, but Moog is always the best and I usually  need his help.

HS: What’s your preferred setting to play and why? Favourite city to play in?

LB: Indoors clubs and beaches! Two different places two different languages! I have to say Middle East and Maghreb are on fire, I recently played Moga Festival in Maroc and the vibe and energy was next level.

HS: Who are your current favourite producers whose latest tracks are always in your playlist?

Khidja are my favorites producers at the moment, Prins Thomas and John Talabot are always a guarantee!!

HS: Any last thoughts you would like to share about Secret Worlds, now that some time has passed?

To tell a story is the intent of this record. My muse has been the awareness, fruit of all my experiences over these years and of how they have been filtered and conditioned by my being ‘Italian’ and, above all, a son of this Tuscan landscape.

More than once I had the illusion of being able to get away from my country, to overcome the underlying love/hate relationship. At other times, in far flung places, I would inevitably find that the lure of the memories was even stronger, like something you carry and cannot free yourself of. By now I think I have made peace with it and, although there is still much about our ways that drives me crazy, thanks to this work of mine with its constant travelling, I can see it all from a different perspective and take notice of all that which does work. The natural beauty, the beautiful people, beautiful things, our characteristic way of appreciating the world in all its nuances, our ingenious way of always finding solutions: all the things for which we are appreciated all over the world.

This great journey only makes sense if it leads to self-improvement and, in my case, it has entrusted me with the task of translating all these images into music.

Hopefully I have succeeded.


Catch Luca and many other deep groove maestros at Stereobar and Stereo this Tuesday and Wednesday for a total round of 22 hours including After 8 at Stereobar on the 1st with Monitors, Nymra & Sofisticated, Emmanuël and Crescenzo.