Have you been having a hard time finding a gift for the DJ/Producer in your life? Seems like you’re not alone. Due to the amount of questions we’ve received on this subject, we’ve decided to make a list of 5 things most producers would love to receive this holiday season. Our list consists of items that sell for 600$ or less. Please send us a message if you are curious about investing a little bit more, we would gladly guide you 🙂


[1] Maschine Mikro mk2

479$ @ Steve’s Music Store [Montreal]

To be used with Maschine’s software, the Mikro mk2 is a powerful controller that integrates with your music production software as a VST, or can be used as a stand alone. With a HUGE library to go through and expansion packs available for purchase, you will soon find that the capabilities of Maschine are endless. This tool was created by Native Instrument, so it is very similar to the Traktor DJ software, making it easy to learn for those who already have experience with the interface. With color coated pads, it’s simple to identify the scenes, sounds, patterns & groups. In theory, if you learn Maschine to its full potential, you can control the software without looking at the screen, which makes this an ultimate tool in studio or for live performances.

[2] Korg MS20 Mini

599$ @ Steve’s Music Store [Montreal]

The MS 20 mini is a 2 oscillator semi-modular analog synthesizer. It is rebooted from the original MS 20 being 86% of the size & with a USB port integrated in the back. The monophonic synth is known for its tonal qualities and its beautiful sounding filters. Despite the loud noise coming out of the machine as it is triggered, you are guaranteed to get lost in the signal path and find the sound you want. This machine is also a great way to start understanding the modular world as you can patch things differently.

[3] APC40

299$ @ Steve’s Music Store [Montreal]

Designed in partnership with Ableton for Ableton Live , the APC 40 is a great tool for quicker & easier access to changing parameters in your DAW (Music Production Software). This Midi controller gives a total of 40 illuminated pad triggers, 16 LED rotary encoders & 9 faders with no mapping required, straight plug & play. This tool saves you lots of time when used correctly and lets you change more than one parameter at a time in comparison to using solely your mouse to navigate through the software.

[4] Zoom H4n

249$ @ Steve’s Music Store [Montreal]

The H4n is a recorder that has 6 inputs; 2 Mic, 2 line in & 1 more stereo 1/8 input on the back of the device. This can be used for interviews on the go with built in XY microphone to recording your live shows or sampling through the line input at the bottom of the device. The XY Microphone integrated can also change its angle depending on the usage, with variation from 90 to 120 degrees. 24-bit/96kHz Recording and High resolution audio, ensures the user premium quality recording. The device also carries an onboard speaker and a headphone output for playback.

[5] Arturia Microbrute

399$ @ Steve’s Music Store [Montreal]

Microbrute is a distilled version of the famous Minibrute synth. With a full analog audio path, this synth has a nice and warm punchy sound. What’s new about the Microbrute is the Mod Matrix, a way to send CV to the heart of the machine. This is a great tool to learn about the modular signal path.