At a time when we’re all connecting with what we miss, Matthias Meyer‘s latest EP is a swooping soundtrack for our thoughts. It builds on a solar collaboration with Ryan Davis, following up 2018’s Love Letters from Sicily and 2017’s Hope releases. Meyer continues to export the melodic Watergate sound with skill and sensibility. Catching up with him was a chance to dive into his current state of mind, Montreal connections, and diverse discography, including a Husa Sounds favourite, set “Love Is A Dramatic Movie” – a refreshing step into the cinematic possibilities of electronic music. With a summer away from the usual decks of festival, open-airs and showcases, we’re already looking forward to where Meyer’s mind will go next.

Husa Sounds: Hey Matthias, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Where are you answering us from right now, and what’s your favorite thing about the space you’re in?

Matthias Meyer: Hey guys. I’m at home, sitting on the couch with the laptop on my knees. I am in self quarantine due to Corona. Actually I spent most of the time at home or in the studio when I am not traveling, so the quarantine is not a big deal for me haha. Cooking, chilling and making music.

HS: We’re always happy to see you in Montreal, notably for yearly Stereo/Stereobar gigs. What type of relationship do you have with this city?

MM: Thanks and I am always happy when I am back in Montreal. I really like the city and I have a big connection there. Almost 10 years ago I played with Pascale and Sophie (Nymra & Sophisticated) and a little later with Dominique (MightyKat). Since then they’re booking me in different locations at least 1-2 times a year. In the last years it was Stereo only. 2 times Stereo and 2-5 times at Stereobar. One of my fave clubs in the world.

HS: What’s your ideal type of venue to play in? 

MM: That’s a tough question. It always depends on the vibe of the night but I feel like my music works best at openairs and more intimate parties.

HS: What prompted you to start your own label, Strangely Enough? What differences do you hope to bring to the music landscape with these releases? 

MM: I finished the track „Strangely Enough“ a while again and sent it to a few people. The track really means a lot to me because it’s different and has a lot of different styles in it. Everybody loved the track but it didn’t seem to fit anywhere. So strangely this was the reason to found the label cause it also represents it. I want to do different, more memorable releases even if it’s only 1-2 track per release. I don’t want to do all-tracks-sounds-the-same-4track-Eps.

HS: What lessons did you bring into it from your previous work with labels, and is there anything you are set on doing differently? 

MM: I think doing Vinyl is still important because it makes you think twice if you want to release that music and if it’s worth it / more timeless. I don’t want to release 100 releases in a short period of time. Quality over quantity.

HS: You recently remixed Montreal based Hoki’s ‘Land of Our Dead’. Why did you choose this track?

MM: I got like 4-5 tracks/ideas from the Hoki guys and when I listened to „Land of Our Dead“ I immediately had „my“ version finished in my head. I love the melodies and vocals from the original – people saying it already sounds like me – so it just needed some proper drums and a few added melodies.

HS: You played at the new immersive venue Zerospace in NY with Bespoke last February, how do you prepare for a gig like this compared to a regular gig? 

MM: Actually I never really prepare for a gig. I just prepare some folders with a specific music type and then I see what the party is like. Of course most of the time i know in advance what kind of party it will be. But most of the time you get surprised and then you play something completely different you prepared for. Thats why I stopped preparing.

HS: We were particularly impressed with your “Love Is A Dramatic Movie Soundtrack” made 2 years ago, can you explain the thought behinds this compilation? Do you get a lot of inspiration from films? 

MM: It’s also one of my fave mixes I ever did cause it’s very different to ‘normal DJ music or a normal DJ set’. I got the theme „love“ from the radio show. Then I thought love can be anything so I had the idea of doing a dj soundtrack mix for a dramatic love movie. The whole mix is made of love tracks or snippets, samples from movies or soundtracks of love movies like Her, Lost in Translation…

HS: Aside from keeping up with your busy schedule, what do you do in your free time? 

MM: When I’m not doing music or traveling for music I like have a good time at home and cook a lot. Especially in Corona times like this we cook a lot and trying new things.

Last year I bought an old and kind of broken small cabin in front of a lake. I find myself really enjoying to be outside, renovating the cabin and gardening. Omg I am getting old!

HS: What are you looking forward to in the coming months? 

MM: All this lockdown coming to an end and we can all go back to reality, going outside, traveling, doing and make people dance!