Summer is filled with surprises and adventures… This time around, I had the pleasure of attending a music festival in Bruges, Belgium. Nestled on the coast, We Can Dance Festival drew patrons from all around. Not only did it boast an incredible lineup, the property transformed into a desert safari on the beach! With six stages sponsored by different partners, the many layers of the space created a unique vibe for all. Sadly I was only there for Saturday, but long enough to be blown away by the lineup.

As much as I was ecstatic to see so many of my own favourite artists, this recap will focus more on the NEW music I discovered that night.

Kompass Klub took over one of the six stages with a deep and progressive house flare, notably featuring the talents of Pachanga Boys who coasted through daytime desert vibes with their high energy and euphoric sounds. Fideles followed with a dark melodic deep house set, one that stuck with me. One of my personal favourites, Mind Against closed the show with a bang. The curation was so impressive that I committed to studying the artists despite not being able to catch all sets! Here is a track by Fideles below, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

I may or may not be biased but I found myself in the The Gardens of Babylon tent most of the day, which protected us from the roaring sandstorm that was picking up outside. Their line up was completely stacked… so much that I had to plan my exits to the other stages between sets, in order to make it out of the warm black hole of electronic music. In order at Gardens of Babylon tent: Birds of MindJosé Noventa, Mimi Love, a fantastic Kater Blau artist and DJ.

  RAMMÖ followed her set with a high energy deep yet bouncy techno journey. All this while, the sun was starting to set, marking the eloquent transformation from day to night.

Crussen, one of my top new discoveries, flowed through his set with skilled harmonica playing and incense, taking the crowd on board as he floated up. Finally, to close the night off, the Jesus of electronic music: Acid Pauli closed the stage with some trance inducing tribal sounds that stunned the entire space.

Seeing Peggy Gou was another highlight; unfortunately the crowd was way so packed that I found it difficult to enjoy the little bit of the set I caught. When I wasn’t dancing in the sandstorms and meeting people, I was mesmerized by the beach and sun and waves in the distance. I entered a world where people felt comfortable dressing up. Attendees decorated themselves and each other, looking like gods and goddesses, sexy animals, and of course, desert safari dwellers. This festival is a hidden gem and I am grateful that I was lucky enough to experience it!

See you on the dancefloor

Hellan Said