On April 5th, the weekend starts early for all you music junkies! Miss Melera will be gracing the decks with her melodic bassy sounds this Thursday at Newspeak!!

I was lucky enough to get an interview with the Lovely Miss Melera – it will be her second time in Montreal and her first at Newspeak!

Utterly excited about this night, she will be sharing the decks with Strange Town Recordings Bryan Wolf Ear. She mentioned that Stereo is high up on her list of places to play as well!  Miss Melera will be playing alongside Mira, Madota, and other seasoned artists in the Masquerade Ball in NYC on the 7th of April. Her high profile bookings are proof that she is up there on our radar!

Miss Melera did not come from a musical background so when asked about her DJ skills, she replied

“I bought Technics and played as much as I could at home. At that time I still lived with my parents. Every time I bought vinyl I was so excited to play it myself. When you start buying music you love and it feels like a piece of art to you and needs to be mixed properly as well 😉 It gave (and still gives) me a lot of energy when records blend. And being a perfectionist it’s my goal to make the most beautiful transitions between records.”

Her parents used to collect vinyl and so the love of music was definitely passed down to her in good taste! Her Anjunadeep mix just released last week has been a Husa Sounds favourite, here it is below!

How do you describe your music sound? What sort of energy do you want the crowd to experience?

“Melody is definitely the key. The sort of energy I want to bring has to fit the specific moment. I have to feel the atmosphere as best I can and bring the crowd the right energy at the right time. The energy I would like to give can be different because gigs, venues and the crowd are never the same. But in general, I like a “steady” energy level.”

She is known for her tech house sounds and her transformations into melodic house beats. The contagious energy she brings along with her is the cherry on top! Miss Meleras decade of DJing has definitely granted her the respect she received from renowned DJ’s, so naturally, the next question had to do with just that!

Who would you like to play alongside?

“Definitely Solomun and Maceo Plex.

I bought Solomun’s first releases already and I’ve been a fan of his label since the beginning as well. I like his dj sets because there is a great balance between new tracks and older ones. I’m familiar with most of the oldies he’s playing, I played them back in the days as well . When you hear an oldie again it brings back good memories. It’s amazing what music can do to you.  Maceo is unique. A really good producer but also always great to see him playing. Full of passion, I love to see that. No bullshit and in full control.”

In 2012 she has started her monthly radio show and event called ‘COLOURIZON’. Her show is broadcast on several radio stations worldwide and increasingly popular on her Soundcloud profile. Her show has gained Miss Melera a huge international fan base and we are delighted to have her here in Montreal.

Article by Hellan.