All the way from the land of the Amazon; Brazil, Sonic Future has delivered more new, stunning tracks. With over 20 years of combined music and video experience, this has been committed to producing quality house and techno. Their tracks have reached outstanding chart positions on Beatport several times, making them a talent appreciated by many across the globe.

On June 19th, label boss and Montreal local Tone Depth will unveil a brilliant 3track EP from Sonic Future.’’Ohm’’ deep; many meanings, many emotions. Whether we are discussing electrical resistance or a mantra for meditation, one similarity remains; energy. The energy in this EP is palpable. The entire mood of the release is set on delivering driving techno grooves, and developing truly mesmerizing melodies through the breakdowns and bass lines. Sonic Future brought many elements, showcasing tracks which release and demand energy from the dance floor; true bangers!

In this EP you will find 3 songs :

“Ohm”, “Itinerant”, and “Stances”.

We were able to get a sneak peek, and damn were we lucky. Each track is unique, but they all are set to make you move, make you groove. In one sentence, here’s what the team thought about each track:


Powerful kicks with a truly emotional breakdown, the power of synths come to life.


A developing melody that leaves you hooked, while not abandoning its “banger” status.


Hypnotic synths truly set the vibe right; 3 am, lights off, let’s go


We hope you enjoy this EP as much as we did. Thank you Bad Pony, and thank you Sonic Future.

Article by Mike Haddad