Nominated “Best Live Act” by DJMag & “Album of the Month” by Mixmag in 2013, Saytek has made a name for himself through his improvised live shows & remarkable releases on big labels such as Bedrock, Cubism, Soma, My Favourite Robot; only to name a few. The UK artist a.k.a. Joseph Keevill has travelled around the world always leaving his fans wanting more. The beauty of putting on a improvised live show is that we never know what to expect. Saytek has acquired such a unique vibe based on the energy of the venue and crowd itself. Today is a special day for us as we have been granted the opportunity to chat with the man himself!

Hi Joseph, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us!

  1. When & how did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in music?
    It was when I was very interested in the working of sound and music technology. Also, when I heard early ambient , house , techno and rave I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

  2. Who is you biggest musical influence at the moment?
    To be honest I tour so much its the DJs on before me and after me quite often. I am blown away by the music they play and love to dance in clubs across the world to new inspirational music.

  3. What is you all time favourite album?
    Too many to mention but Aphex Twin ambient works always holds a special place in my heart as far as electronic music goes. Really makes me feel like nothing else.

  4. Can you tell us a bit about your setup during your live shows; what gear you use & how you use it?
    I use the Elektron Analog, Analog Rtym, Ableton, KORG Monotron Delay Kaos Pad,  Volca: Bass, Sample, Keys.   Novation Impulse 25 & the NI Maschine. This is what i use for the creation and performing of my live stuff. It’s me performing my own music live, not in the traditional way of playing instruments. More like, I have made the music and stripped it down into its individual elements (kicks , claps , hats , bass , synth , Vox ect.) as loops and patterns on my machines and I arrange this live whilst controlling effects and creating new beats and synth lines on the fly.

  5. Can you tell us how you go about making music when you are in studio com- pared to when you play live?
    (Your thought process & routine)
    In the past, I kept them separate but recently I have started making my tracks live. I have a live album coming out on my label Cubism with 14 tracks all performed live; its called Machine Jams.

  6. If you had to name the craziest experience you’ve had to date, what would it be?
    Haha, far to many to mention.

  7. If there is one piece of advice you would like to share with our followers what would it be?
    Do it for the love! 

Alright Joseph, it was an honour to share words with you! Thanks for all this! We are extremely excited to hear you play tonight at one of Montreal’s coolest venues: Le Salon Daomé. It is in fact also the 7th year anniversary of Andres Vellila’s Noisefloor & we are sure it will nothing less than a crazy night!

for an exclusive live studio jam Saytek has shared with us though our Facebook page, you are free to enjoy & get yourself ready for tonight!
If you need reduced guest list, post on the Facebook event & they will add you!

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