This is what we love about our city and its local scene : it never stops delivering amazing events and getting our favorite artists back behind the decks for the sole satisfaction of our souls. It’s the last week before the well deserved holiday season; some are scratching up their revision sheets, others are doing their final office runs to make sure the year ends well. Well hold on tight, put your headaches aside and come enjoy one of the last dances of 2019 to start the holiday season in high spirits. 

Husa Sounds, I Love Neon and Courage are teaming up to bring no other than renowned artist Oona Dahl to the Newspeak decks for another night to remember. One of the openers for our beloved queen will be no other than Enamour, a Washington based DJ and producer, master of the refined art of melodic techno and hypnotic house. Truly attached to the quality that he delivers through introspective yet playful mixes, Enamour will get you grooving and boiling up for his music partner for the show. 

Before Enamour, we’re incredibly excited to bring Feliks back to the booth. This local producer and videographer has been delighting ears with consistently transportive music. His sets are an ambient blend of deep beats that value musicality over anything else. This will be a night under positive omens,  with vibrating, soulful and cosmic vibes more than able to transport a dancefloor… Below, our release of Feliks’ latest track from last month, that we can’t get enough of. 

 Before I go further, I want to make sure you see this as what it is : words written from the bottom of the heart, from a fan to their favorite artist. Oona Dahl has been in the music industry for some time now, and her unique musical style and meticulous approach to curation has made her unavoidable. Part of several labels such as Hallucienda and All Day I Dream, she has been gigging around the world in some magical events and festivals, while also taking control of some very exclusive decks, giving birth to amazing mixes (Mixmag Christmas party, The Lab, The Void…). Her out of the world style becomes hard to describe in a pragmatic way; trying to apply some kind of rule that would define it wouldn’t serve our cause. What we are sure of, is that when listening to her music, a sphere of magical sounds is unveiled : melodies mingle with isochronic tones in a right balance between darkness and light. Her dance floors are a cosmic space, wrapped in heterogeneous sounds.

Oona navigates different style and inspirations, delivering purely eclectic mixes. What I found the most interesting is the sense of calm and serenity that comes out of her music : dreamy, distant, and wonderful all at once; an atmospheric spaceship trip. She takes you on a musical journey through which she expresses a message and vision in a delicate and humble way,  awakening all of your senses and sparking beautiful emotions in mind and body. 

If my dreams had a soundtrack she would probably be the one behind it. That’s how much I appreciate her music and I have no doubt that you will feel the same way. Ultimately, beyond music, Oona Dahl’s creations are an invitation to use your imagination and uncover the dreams that sleep in the mind. She makes magic happen in real life, and you can experience it live, this Saturday at Newspeak.

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Cover photo: Robert Stone Nadel