Composed, organic, connected with their surroundings and each other. Birds of Mind take us on the kind of trip where we want to stay a while, and just coast with them.

Hailing from Paris, the duo nurtures spirituality in sound: their own, and that of the listener. This past year has seen them land all over the globe, from Lebanon to Mexico, Tokyo to Berlin. They’re set to take over Montreal’s Cazar this Thursday for another immersive night on the Soubois dancefloor. Cazar’s curation and decor has delighted the senses lately. They’ve gifted local audiences with the likes of Themba, Britta Unders, Goldcap, and of course, glistening resident Laurence Matte, sure to cast yet another sweet and absorbing dance floor spell.

Photo: Jack Collier

Birds of Mind’s deep hymn Ankara was born out of a collaborative trial run for these two artists, at the time working on completely different projects. Alex and Adrian met up overnight, and tested out the waters of what they could co-create. The track’s reception confirmed the potential of their creative partnership, and they have been crafting sound together ever since.

The duo’s blends of organica, downtempo, deep tech and poised grooves preserves a steadily pensive air. It’s music that makes you think of all the sound waves outside our immediate realm of perception, sounds of nature and chiming spaces – check it out with their Klassified release below, a solid lesson in contemplation.

With releases on select labels such as Sol Selectas, underyourskin, Akumandra and more, the Parisian duo have marked the minds of many. They’ve extended their reach as festival and showcase regulars, with performances at Do Not Sit, Rumors, WECANDANCE, Big Burn Istanbul and more; not to mention the flavorful collection of their Burning Man sets.

We look forward to this dance-floor, as always impeccably decked out by ZoOzOo Creations, for a night of connective bliss.

Tickets available HERE