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indie dance

Mohii Takes Us on Trip with his new mix!

Written by on 24 June 2024

In this day & age, it’s hard to find artists that stand out, especially with how simple it got to use dj tools and the ease for some of using social platforms. It’s important we remember why we need to listen to artists who strive to be different musically, and try to push limits instead […]

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husa & zeyada

Husa & Zeyada ‘Release The Beast’!

Written by on 22 March 2024

The Egyptian-Canadian electronic live duo releases their new single titled “Release The Beast” on February 15th 2024. After the huge success of their debut album “Long Way Home” which was released in November 2022, and after a long year-long successful touring. playing their live sets around the globe in some of the biggest music venues, […]

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