Techno listeners can feel bogged down by sounds and themes which saturate the genre.

Throw a stone into endless catalogues of music on Beatport and SoundCloud, and you’ll hit a number of artists and DJ’s who you feel create more or less, variations of the same thing. Where does one go when in search of unique vibrations?

OCTOV is throwing down another epic event at Entrepots Dominion on Friday, February 7th. These events at Entrepots Dominion, for many, are eye-openers to famed Dutch warehouse events, and all the craziness that goes down in the European underground. What’s so special about this show exactly? Party-goers will get to hear international and local tastemakers stir up something truly unique, for a full 8 hours, with one of the best crowds in town.

From his unique mixing style, to some of his timeless, classic productions, Randomer has it all. Montreal had a glimpse of his selections at Ancient Future festival a few years ago. However, Montreal is ready for more.

It’s rare to find a DJ/Producer with such a varied production background. Techno, breakbeat, dub, left-field, drum and bass, dubstep, downtempo…Randomer weaves elements from all of these genres to produce a tapestry of sound that no other techno DJ can replicate. His sound is refined, experienced, and truly distinct to him. Check out his Dekmantel Boiler Room a couple years back below, visit his SoundCloud, and take some time process exactly what he’s all about.

Mickael a.k.a. Mike Larry fills dance floors with uncompromising techno all over Montreal. Opening for Dax J at Stereo last April, he spun a remarkable set; relentless groove, darkness, and pure noises within our famed, dark box of sound. I’m certain he’ll shake down the walls of Entrepots Dominion and deliver exactly that and more on February 7th.

You might’ve had the chance to hear Kris Tin at Piknic, Salon Daome, or even perhaps in this radio interview about Montreal’s world class nightlife. I had the chance to listen to her throw down some great tracks for a small, intimate crowd at a queer techno event last year, and she killed it. She’s been lighting up crowds since then, and we can’t wait to hear her capture the dance floor next weekend.

Check out one of Matthias Roper’s sets on SoundCloud. Some serious techno with some dark, trippy sounds await thee.

Part of what makes these OCTOV shows so great is the lighting and projections. When you have the chance, go to back of the main room, and check out these professionals doing what they do best! Watching RØRØ
and Owen Rothwell at their craft is truly mesmerizing.

Again, if you’re looking for a unique sonic experience on a function one, featuring a more-than-unique international artist, with an amazing vibe…look no further. Tickets are selling out! And, they can be found HERE. Get them while they’re still available!

OCTOV’s facebook event for this show can be found HERE

As always, I’ll see you on the dance floor x