PAJI, no stranger to Berlin’s Katermukke, is back on the imprint with his debut full length LP. Also titled PAJI, the album is a reflection of his personal passion for traditional and classical instruments, carefully blended with contemporary drum phrases and saturated basslines, forming an overall lush, multi-genre journey.

The first of the 11 tracks “ORAMAN” introduces you perfectly to Paji if you are not yet familiar with his sound. Rich vocals and strings layered over a bendir drum, emotional, building the right tension for what is to come. Tracks 2 through 5 waste no time, taking you on a string filled progressive and techno trip. “SALT feat. Wonderful Bones” the 6th track comes and shifts the mood with a downtempo broken beat and Wonderful Bones’ deep vocals. The intensity comes back with track 7, “THE OLD GODS”, and for the rest of the album you start discovering other shades of Paji’s sound. “INTOKU feat. Namito” explores a down-tempo, eastern string and percussion-oriented sound, while “RAW WATER feat. Tube & Berger” is more of a heavy deep house opener.


Paji takes another turn to progressive techno on track number 10, ideally titled “RAZOR SHARP LINE”, before he seals the album with the ambient strings and delayed bass stabs of beat-less “YGGDRASIL”. Through the 11 tracks, he successfully welcomes you to his world in this very well-crafted album. Mark your calendars for the digital release on December 6th, 2019.

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