Have you ever felt like the music you were listening to started lacking sense? That the beats didn’t get you bouncing like they used to? The vanishing of some of the emotions you so often sought out in your music selection? Frustrating sometimes… If you don’t know the Dutch DJ Mees Dierdorp, you will surely find in him the soul and novelty that you’ve been looking for.

In an age dominated by an abundant techno scene, we might have been lacking some production like Mees Dierdorp ones. I crossed his path quite spontaneously in a music digging dive, and he has brought a unique dimension to my electronic music selection. I am quite excited to share this spotlight with you guys, on an artist that clearly deserved one.

A little bit of History

Originally from Amsterdam, Mees Dierdorp has been producing music since 2014, when he released his first EP, Aviar Alom. Creator and assembler of curated sounds, his attention to details and highly noticeable perfectionism show in the little quantity of songs he’s produced. Lacking quantity maybe, but not quality, his productions are pure, and communicate a range of emotions like few know how to do. Listening to his songs will leave you happy, energetic, questioning, dazzled or even nostalgic, with the Dutch artist mastering his genres and diffusing emotions through style and precision. He enjoys being creative in different genres, which he consistently juggles with agility and success, from deep/tech house to techno and dream house. What amazes me the most is his ability to mix these genres within his songs, with beautiful transitions and amazing blending skills. 

About his Style

 His creations are imaginative, and while you could recognize some similarities with other talented artists of the genres he explores, the uniqueness of his process is undeniable. Since Aviar Alom, Mees Dierdorp has released several other EP and albums, each presenting two to three new creations. You know an artist puts his soul and sweat to work nowadays when absolutely every piece is constructed and worth listening to. If I had the time and attention span to present them all I would; in an attempt to still give a trustworthy picture of his work, here’s a little selection of some of his songs that touched me in a very soulful, peculiar way.

Spotlighted Tracks
Are You.

From his EP Can’t Run Today is probably the first one I have listened to, and what an introduction to the artist’s world it has been. The composition starts heavy, driving you in with a wicked beat and unusual marimba sound. The buzzing background noise accompanies a sharp metallic melody throughout, acting as a surrounding comfortable atmosphere that keeps you hooked in. The speech about religion and spirituality is not the focus and acts as another music wave layering on the rest of the piece. Are you ready? Repetitive, and yet, each time you hear it feels like you should really be asking yourself the question. This weirdly enjoyable piece gives you a good idea of the freedom Dierdorp takes in his creation and the perfectionism he applies, giving a very unique feel.

Miso Propin.

The gem amongst gems. The quality of this song has always dazzled me. With the quantity of tracks we music lovers listen to, it is very easy for us to lose our ground and wish for more when we find ourselves amongst repetitive patterns; not here. The groovy bass drives you in and holds you there. The dark, elusive intro will awaken any raver’s soul. In design we say that simplicity is the highest form of complexity. This can be applied to music, and this piece is a relatable example. It starts simple with a click, a locked in bassline followed by the top hats and boom… you’re in his dimension, sucked in the loop, in a satisfying way. Every sound has its place and brings in a different feel to the song while adding to harmony. Almost as a signature sound, his melodic bridge insures an effective transfer of emotions, leaving you dazzled and wanting for more of that music therapy.

Smile for You.

Probably one of the most soulful pieces of electronic music that populates my music library. The quality of this piece lies in his ability to assemble every sound in perfect harmony: the strident high-pitched notes and keys mix beautifully with the candid vocals, enveloped in a warm bassline that once again drives you in and won’t let go until you have felt the depth of emotions this piece could bring. The percussion bridge is honey to the ears and overflows into the progression of the song, bringing it to its peak in a uniquely grounded way. Soft and energetic at the same time, this stellar track is eight minutes of soulful music that surely will leave you feeling warm, content and quite obviously…smiling. 

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section, we are curious of our readers opinion !

Article and illustration by Ivan