Husa Sounds sent one of our biggest music lovers, Amel Seriani, to Vujaday to wander, connect and see what she could unearth. Drawing from her notes, one of her favourite discoveries was of Toronto local DJ, Borella, who was booked by the i love promise collective; they enjoyed the sleekness of her set so much they recorded the next one for us to enjoy.

“Borella: a synchronic meeting at the water’s edge. I met her on the first day of the festival during a sunset dip in the turquoise waters by the Tiki Bar where we found ourselves talking as though we had known each other for years, magically connected through stories of music, art, philosophy, photography, and travel. I saw the talent of this beautiful soul at the Blue Pineapple venue, and between the sweeping waves, the sea breeze, and her beats, I was charmed by her style and her character, which shines through the story she tells when she mixes.” -Amel

Discover this young rising star here:

“I took my very first music lessons at the age of 5. Later on at the age of 12 I took my first guitar lessons and pursued with classical and Spanish training.

My love for electronic music developed in my teens. After digging in the underground scene for a few years, I found myself drawn to the deeper journey-like sounds that spoke a slightly more complex language than others. The Berlin scene has definitely been inspiring me from the very early beginnings. There is a kind of playfulness and complexity that draws me in and lets my thoughts sink in the sound, allowing me to float within its layers.

It is pretty much like meditation for me. Nothing can put me in a Zen state the way music does.

I haven’t really released anything yet, but I’m working on my first tracks and am very patient with the entire process. I think you have to be very patient with the things you love. Meanwhile, I spend hours on finding new music on a daily basis. Music that really reflects who I am, and resonates with me.

I treat my tracks as if they are tunes coming from somewhere very deep within me, where words are barely present and only sounds exist. And the crowd feels it. People usually come to me after my sets and tell me they could really feel me, and see the journey I was trying to depict for them.”

Keep an eye out for this up and coming musician marked by dedication. We look forward to watching her make waves and touch more listeners with her focused sound. Our Toronto family can catch her opening for Robert Babicz this Friday at Palais Royale [event].

Content: Amel Seriani
Photos: Tim Sandik with Ded Agency