Les Beaux Dimanches at StereoBar is unarguably a Sunday staple in Montreal. Whether on your way back from Piknic, or you’re just looking to dance away the last of the weekend, a Sunday night stop at StereoBar is a must. 

Even though this party is thrown at the last moments of the weekend, the LBD team brings in quality artists who shake down the chapel until 3AM Monday morning. YokoO, KinK, Stimming, Felix Da Housecat…Les Beaux Dimanches doesn’t play when it comes to booking the best local and international talent.

The best part about Les Beaux Dimanches at StereoBar this summer? StereoBar and LBD are celebrating their respective anniversaries with an incredible crowd, the best staff, and Montreal favorites Matthias Meyer, and more.

Les Beaux Dimanches has already gotten off to an amazing start with shows from M O N I T O R S and Toronto native Nathan Barato. Despite it being Sunday and the last moments of two very busy weekends, the crowd was electric both nights. It was clear that we’d been saving up this dancing energy all winter long…

Montreal is no stranger to Matthias Meyer. The Watergate resident has showcased his all-encompassing, multi-genre, layered sound all over the world…and he’s set to cook up something special for StereoBar this Sunday. Were you at his LBD season closing set last October? I can attest; it was one of my favorite shows at StereoBar to date. His set was intricate, conceptual, and he used StereoBar’s sound system to fill the venue’s sonic space impeccably.

The show shook us to the core...and he’s back to do it again this Sunday, June 9th. Also on the radar for the rest of Les Beaux Dimanche’s June editions is hometown Techno Queen, Misstress Barbara. If her sets at Igloofest and Piknic are any indication, LBD’s St-Jean edition on the 23rd will certainly be an evening to celebrate.

Traumer is returning to Montreal after his surprise appearance with Ostrich and Ben Vedren at Stereo in February. What he brought to the Stereo’s sound system was truly something else. So, don’t hesitate to celebrate with the LBD crew after Piknic #7.

We wouldn’t have such a vibrant sea of events without collectives like Les Beaux Dimanches. They know exactly what Montreal crowds want at the tail end of the weekend. You can check out the event page for this weekend’s most animated Sunday night electronic music event HERE. Also take a look at the pages of the artists supporting our international guests:

Nymra & Sofisticated – Ēmikkē – Ostrich

So, Happy Birthday Les Beaux Dimanches! You’ve been bringing Montreal only the best, quality music year after year. Here’s to another 7.

For now, I’ll see you on the dance floor.